Take the final step, manage your energy effectively and reduce your energy consumption in a continuous way.

GEN Europe helps you to make all your pieces fit and work together in a coordinated way through the implementation of an Energy Management System (ISO 50001)


All organizations manage their energy consumption. But, is it possible to do it more effectively and improve results year after year?

An Energy Management System is the set of means, methodology and tools we use to achieve our energy saving objectives.

Discover how we can help you to control your energy, detect opportunities and save energy year after year with the implementation of an Energy Management System ISO 50001.

In addition, remember that if you are inside the European Union, a certified Energy Management System exempts companies from carrying out the required energy audit every 4 years.


ISO 50001 is the international standard that certifies the Energy Management Systems. Therefore, it guarantees that the Energy Management System implemented is effective.

GEN Europe will be with you from the starting point to the certification audit, always keeping savings as the main objective.

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COMMITMENT: It is the main pillar inside the Energy Management System. The success of the whole system depends on the commitment of the entire organization.

PLANNING: In this phase, we will analyse your energy consumption, establish the appropriate indicators, conduct technical visits to detect savings opportunities and help you to decide the action plans to reach a realistic saving target.

OPERATION: The measures detected begin to be implemented. In this phase, awareness and training is very important, both for the energy team and for the maintenance staff to be able to carry out a more efficient operation of the existing facilities.

VERIFICATION: In this phase we verify that the objectives have been met and that the Energy Management System is effective. GEN Europe conducts an internal audit to ensure that the organization is ready for certification.


We work with ISO 50001 since it was born. We are inside the committee that wrote the standard and that is in charge of reviewing it periodically. We know its philosophy, and we know that the main goal of the standard is the same as our main goal: to achieve energy savings.

We know that each organization is different. We believe it is essential to adapt the Energy Management System to the specific needs and particularities of each organization, always focusing our work on achieving savings.

We believe that every action carried out within the Energy Management System must have one single goal: helping us save energy. Your goal is our goal from the first day. Without unnecessary paperwork, or bureaucracy.

We focus our visits on the detection of low-cost and no cost saving opportunities. Using this list, we will be able to create an Action Plan. Doing this, we ensure that the Energy Management System is effective and shows results from the very beginning, without investments.

We perform a complete data analysis to establish the most appropriate indicators that allow us to know if we are really improving, and how much we are saving. If you want to know more about our indicators, click here

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Do you want us to help you to keep improving?
At GEN Europe we believe that the best tool to detect improvement opportunities in the energy management system itself is an internal audit.

We know the standard ISO 50001 like nobody else. But the most important thing is that our experience has led us to become familiar with the best practices at an international level.

Because for GEN Europe, ISO 50001 is just the beginning.

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