Do you want to find low cost saving opportunities and comply with the European Directive?

Find real low cost energy saving opportunities. GEN Europe is always focused on improving operational control, that is usually a source of huge saving opportunities.

The energy audit is the perfect tool to review the whole system and check the real energy performance. Continuous improvement is the key to success.

In GEN Europe we carry on energy audits following the ISO 50002 (Energy Audits). At the same time, we calculate energy perfomance indicators based on ISO 50006 and ISO 50015, including all the relevant variables that affect energy consumption.

This guaratee that the energy audit also comply with the European Directive 2012/27/UE.

If you are looking for a way of making the most of your resources complying with the European Directive and finding real saving opportunities, this is your best option.

And, if after that, you want to go farther and implement and Energy Management System, you will have most of the work done. Our energy audits are totally compatible with the Energy Review in ISO 50001. So the implementation would be easier, faster, and cheaper.


I want to find energy saving opportunities.