Quantify how much you are saving, detect deviations and find new saving opportunities

Discover how we can help you through performance monitoring based on regression analysis.

Our experience in Energy Management Systems in general, and Performance Monitoring Systems in particular, allows us to offer a complete and global service, based on the final objective of every Performance Monitoring System: achieving energy savings.

We have learned that a Performance Monitoring System needs to cover three fundamental pillars to be effective:

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The lack of any of these three elements means that the Monitoring System will not be effective and therefore, it will not help to save energy.

  • If we have data, but we do not use the appropriate indicators… we will not know if there are excesses or savings in a reliable way. We will not be able to detect deviations, so we will not be able to react against them. We will be wasting the time without obtaining the expected results.
  • If we have data and we use the appropriate indicators, but we do not have trained people… we will not be able to detect the cause of the deviations, and we will not react against them. So there will be no reduction in energy consumption.


GEN Europe uses the most appropriate methodology to establish energy performance indicators: The regression analysis. This type of analysis takes into account the impact of the baseload consumption, as well as all the variables that affect consumption, such as temperature, occupation, production, etc.

Leave ratios and absolute consumption comparisons behind. Stop using misleading indicators and start monitoring your energy performance properly.


The tool developed by GEN Europe allows energy performance monitoring based on all the significant variables (production, weather, calendar, etc.) and shows at a glance the savings or excesses in the facility and in all the different areas.

And if you already have a performance monitoring software, much better. The access to data in real time allows to maximize the benefits. But be careful, remember that without good indicators based on regression analysis, you cannot detect deviations, or react to excesses. GEN Europe helps you get the most of your current software.


GEN Europe offers a consultancy service that includes energy monitoring and periodical reports showing saving opportunities or anomalies detected in your site, collaborating to create a list of opportunities to be implemented in the future to achieve continuous performance improvement.

If you do not have time, we help you in the day to day to detect deviations, investigate the causes and detect low-cost savings opportunities.

Only a Monitoring System based on adequate indicators, data availability and a trained team can guarantee your success.

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