Knowledge, understanding and human effort

are the most powerful technology that exists.

Improving energy management in your company is in your hands.

At GEN Europe we experience it daily and we are here to help you prove it.

We are GEN Europe, a team of engineers and architects united by our passion for solutions that break the mould. For everyone, because innovation does not require millionaire investments.

Our team has spent over 20 years helping companies reduce their costs without investing one cent. Without compromising product quality, staff wellbeing or system functionality. Simply, by working with our clients, daily, to help them manage energy better. From simple to complex problems and solutions. From adjustments in radiators to water for injection generation plants. We know energy savings are found in every corner.

Each one of us has a different profile but one thing in common: we have all been in your position and we know how it feels. “How can we adapt to our times’ standards?” “How can I reduce consumption without compromising service quality?” “Where must I act first?” “Do I need new equipment?” “Will it cost much?”

When we want to get down to it, we don’t know where to start.

We are here to prove that all these questions have answers, and they cost much less than you imagine.

Do you want to see our credentials?

Download our corporate curriculum here aquí.


Why do we believe that better energy management can do a lot for you?

  You don’t need to invest large quantities to achieve large savings.    

  You don’t need the latest technology to have all your machines under control.  

You don’t need to keep track of energy auctions to feel safe from rising prices. 

You don’t need to invest long hours to feel proud every time you receive your energy bill.

A few more details of how we established GEN Europe:

  Our first steps in this world came after many hours of designing complex facilities, working with large engines, managing manufacturing and retail chains, designing bioclimatic buildings and analysing computer monitoring systems. We saw so many opportunities to improve and save energy. Why wasn’t anyone taking advantage of them?

  Our practical approach was determined working with the United Nations, within their Industrial Development Program (UNIDO). Brilliant businesses all over the world that see their dreams and potential disappear behind high energy bills that sink their capacities to develop and grow.

  We were certain this experience had been a success when, in 2009, we became part of the newly born TC242 ISO committee. In charge of writing and reviewing the first energy management systems standard. ISO 50001.
  We are fervent advocates of the consumption data analysis with the regression method. How does it work? We simply study what you consume, when and what drives it. This helps us predict tendencies and be ahead of deviations, to tell you exactly how much you have saved.

  We still remember one of our clients’ statement in our opening meeting: “We know that, without investment, there are no savings”. One year later, with € 300.000 saved and only € 60.000 spent, not only did we demonstrate it was not true… Now they can’t stop looking for more saving opportunities!


If you want to save energy in your business, find lasting and efficient savings, discover how we can help you.