Improving energy management in your company is in your hands.

We are here to show you that it is much simpler than you think.


We are GEN Europe, a team of passionate engineers and architects working together to find solutions outside the box. For everyone, because innovation does not require huge investments.

Our team has been helping companies around the world to reduce their costs for over 20 years without investing money. Without compromising product quality or safety. Simply, working with the companies in the day to day to improve their energy management. From the simplest solutions to the most complex ones. From small adjustments to large-scale strategies. We know that energy can be saved in every corner.

How to adapt to the new times requirements and demands? How to reduce consumption without compromising the quality of my services? Do I have potential to improve? How do I know what to review first? Will it cost me a lot of money?

We do not forget the first sentence of one of our clients: “We know that without investment there are no savings”.

Now, having saved € 3 million in energy through improving operational control, and having also a long list of saving opportunities waiting to be implemented, they know that a different type of energy management is possible.


Each one of us has a different profile but one thing in common: all of us have been in your place and we know what you feel.

Our first steps in this sector emerged after hours of designing complex installations, operating large engines, managing production and marketing chains, designing bioclimatic buildings, analysing data and monitoring energy consumption. We saw so many opportunities to optimize them and save energy… But why weren’t they implemented?

Our practical approach was consolidated by working with the United Nations, through its Program for Industrial Development (UNIDO). We could collaborate with brilliant companies around the world that were seeing how their illusions and their potential were disappearing because of their large energy bills that throttle their capacity for expansion and development.
The value of all this experience was confirmed in 2009, when we became part of the TC242 ISO committee, in charge of writing and reviewing the standard related to energy management systems. The well-known ISO 50001.

We are fervent supporters of energy data analysis through the use of regression methodology. And how can we do that? Simply, we study what you consume, when you consume it, and the variables that are affecting energy consumption. This let us calculate models that help us to calculate the expected energy consumption and calculate exactly the energy saved due to the implemented saving measures.

Liam Liam McLaughlin Chief Technical Officer Expert in energy efficiency and internationally recognized energy management. He is a marine engineer from the Cork Institute of Technology, with a certificate of competence in Class 1 and an MBA from the Open University. He has developed his career in the field of energy management since 1990. He is Certified Energy Manager International (CEMI) AEE (Association of Energy Engineers).
Member of the technical committee TC 301 of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) since its foundation in 2009, is editor and reviewer of international energy management standards (ISO 50001 and derivatives, such as ISO 50002, ISO 50015). Recognized as an international expert in energy management for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and leading trainer at ISO, he directs the training that this organization teaches in more than 16 countries today. He has also developed and delivered training and lectures at various universities and representatives of national energy agencies from more than 100 countries.
He is a technical expert at INAB (Irish National Accreditaion Board), accrediting certification bodies in ISO 50001.
At GEN Europe, he leads the implementation of Energy Management Systems, directing the process of planning, data analysis, training and operation, technical visits, energy audits and Retrocommissioning (RCx).
Andrea Andrea López Energy Management Specialist Technical Agricultural Engineer by the Polytechnic University of Madrid, with master's degree in Project Management of Engineering in the Natural Environment by the same institution and attending 5º of Environmental Sciences by the UNED.
She has developed her professional career in the field of engineering, with experience in agri-food engineering and natural environment management projects.
Subsequently she has specialized in the implementation of Energy Management Systems, working with clients at national and international level and providing training for various international organizations. In this sense, she is an international expert in energy management at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and develops training materials that ISO (International Organization for Standardization) teaches in 16 countries today.
She is a member of the technical committee TC 301 of ISO representing Spain in the drafting and revision of international standards of energy management (ISO 50001 and derivatives, such as ISO 50002, ISO 50015). She is also a technical expert at ENAC, accrediting certification bodies in ISO 50001 and has been a speaker at various national and international conferences.
GEN Europe helps our customers to improve their energy efficiency through the implementation of Energy Management Systems.
Raúl Raúl Cabrero Energy Engineer Raul is an Industrial Engineer educated at the Alfonso X University "El Sabio", with a specialty in Intensification in Machine Mechanics, and began his career conducting studies on the impact of building materials on the energy consumption of residential buildings.
He has developed a large part of his career in the pharmaceutical sector, specializing in the qualification of systems and equipment as well as in the design, calculation, installation and commissioning of HVAC, steam, refrigeration, water and gas installations.
He is currently specialized in Energy Engineering, accredited by CEMI (Certified Energy Manager International) by the AEE (Association of Energy Engineers). He has worked in the implementation of Energy Management Systems both nationally and internationally, focusing on the search and implementation of energy saving measures, monitoring and development of indicators, energy audits, design and project management and Retrocommissioning (RCx).
From GEN Europe he works with our clients in the search of energy saving opportunities, through technical visits and calculations of profitability, and implementing such measures to achieve the best possible energy efficiency.
Luis Luis Marqués Energy Analyst Luis is specialized in consumption data analysis and energy performance measurement inside Energy Management Systems and Energy Audits.
He is focused on developing regression analysis taking into account all the relevant variables to monitor energy performance and verify savings after implementing saving measures.
He is a Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP) accredited by the AEE (Association of Energy Engineers).
He is an architect by ETSA Valladolid, with experience in building and rehabilitation projects based on bioclimatic architecture and high energy efficiency.
Since 2014, he collaborates with United Nations (UNIDO) as an International Energy Performance Indicator expert, leading data analysis and performance monitoring in Energy Management System implementation projects. He has participated in projects in Russia, Moldova, Macedonia, Georgia and Iran, training organizations on Energy Performance Indicators. In this field, he is the main author and trainer in the UNIDO program.
Dragan Dragan Vasic Energy Engineer Recognized international expert in Energy Management Systems.
Since he obtained the Master in Electrical Engineering (University of Novi Sad, 1979) he has developed a brilliant career in the area of energy management in the industry for more than 30 years.
He is president and owner of Energy Performance Improvement Center, consulting specialized in projects related to energy efficiency, energy management and energy saving.
Additionaly he is a UNIDO Certified Expert in Energy Management.
He is an auditor of ISO 50001 (Energy Management Systems), ISO 27001 (Information Security Management Systems), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems) and ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems).
Jesús Jesús Tejedor Sustainable Architect Jesús Tejedor is an architect with experience in building and rehabilitation projects based on sustainable architecture and high energy efficiency.
He has collaborated in NZEB projects (Nearly Zero Energy Buildings), like "ENVITE-Grupo Lince" in Valladolid and "Fundación Barredo" in Asturias, both nationally awarded.
He has a master in Renewable Energy (Universidad de Valladolid, 2012), and he is a professor on Energy Management at "Universidad Antonio de Nebrija" since 2013.
During the last years, he has been focused on energy rehabilitation projects in office buildings and housing.
He is also an expert in green building rating systems, like LEED, BREEAM and VERDE.
Carolina Álvaro Núñez Energy Consultant Álvaro is an energy consultant specialized in energy audits.
He has performed energy audits in Spain, France and Germany, detecting energy saving opportunities in organizations and, at the same time, complying with European Directive 2012/27/EU.
Álvaro collaborates in the implementation of Energy Management Systems based on ISO 50001 and he also calculates baselines and Energy Performance Indicators for organizations in different sectors like industry and commercial buildings.
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