Improving energy management in your company is in your hands.

We are here to show you that it is much simpler than you think.


We are GEN Europe, a team of passionate engineers and architects working together to find solutions outside the box. For everyone, because innovation does not require huge investments.

Our team has been helping companies around the world to reduce their costs for over 20 years without investing money. Without compromising product quality or safety. Simply, working with the companies in the day to day to improve their energy management. From the simplest solutions to the most complex ones. From small adjustments to large-scale strategies. We know that energy can be saved in every corner.

How to adapt to the new times requirements and demands? How to reduce consumption without compromising the quality of my services? Do I have potential to improve? How do I know what to review first? Will it cost me a lot of money?

We do not forget the first sentence of one of our clients: “We know that without investment there are no savings”.

Now, having saved € 3 million in energy through improving operational control, and having also a long list of saving opportunities waiting to be implemented, they know that a different type of energy management is possible.


Each one of us has a different profile but one thing in common: all of us have been in your place and we know what you feel.

Our first steps in this sector emerged after hours of designing complex installations, operating large engines, managing production and marketing chains, designing bioclimatic buildings, analysing data and monitoring energy consumption. We saw so many opportunities to optimize them and save energy… But why weren’t they implemented?

Our practical approach was consolidated by working with the United Nations, through its Program for Industrial Development (UNIDO). We could collaborate with brilliant companies around the world that were seeing how their illusions and their potential were disappearing because of their large energy bills that throttle their capacity for expansion and development.
The value of all this experience was confirmed in 2009, when we became part of the TC242 ISO committee, in charge of writing and reviewing the standard related to energy management systems. The well-known ISO 50001.

We are fervent supporters of energy data analysis through the use of regression methodology. And how can we do that? Simply, we study what you consume, when you consume it, and the variables that are affecting energy consumption. This let us calculate models that help us to calculate the expected energy consumption and calculate exactly the energy saved due to the implemented saving measures.

Discover how a better energy management can help you

To achieve your saving targets you do not need to do big investments.

To keep everything  under control you do not really need to know rocket science.

To feel safe about cost increase you do not need to check the energy market every day.

To be proud about your energy bill you do not need to spent the time that you do not have.