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Our goal is to save energy. We know that it is possible to achieve savings without making large investments.

Why not to start as soon as possible? In GEN Europe we help you to include energy management and energy savings to your day to day activity. Making the most of what you have. Without big investments.

Without magic formulae or miraculous tools.

To achieve it, we are focused on improving energy management and detecting no cost and low-cost saving opportunities through refining operational control.



No matter the size, the location, or the budget.

We are a company formed by a team of engineers and architects, which has been helping organizations to save energy and reduce their costs through energy management for more than 20 years, all around the world.

Our team is continuously learning from the best international practices to bring them to your business.

GEN Europe is here to help you and make your life easier.


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We believe in continuous improvement, in energy management and in ISO 50001.

GEN Europe’s approach is aligned with the original philosophy in the standard ISO 50001. We participated in the ISO committee that wrote and updated the ISO 50001.

Therefore, everything we do is 100% compatible and aligned with ISO 50001: Implementation of Energy Management Systems, consumption monitoring, energy audits, training, etc.

And we go further. Our long experience has allowed us to know the international best practices. We know what really works.

ASave energy with GEN Europe and become a leader in energy management, energy conservation and care for the environment


¿Qué dicen nuestros clientes de nosotros?

Mario Cabezos. Medio Ambiente y RRHH -

Despite our initial thoughts about ISO 500001, the results are being extraordinary in our company. With GEN Europe, we have achieved remarkable energy savings without needing major investments: through a better energy management, with adequate operational control and the correct definition of our critical operating parameters. In addition, GEN Europe has helped us to be more efficient as a team, with an effective system without useless processes. Focused on achieving our targets. 

Mario Cabezos. Medio Ambiente y RRHH - Mutua Madrileña

Eugenia Sáez. Jefe de Operaciones de Ingeniería -

After the energy audit with GEN Europe, we have a better knowledge of how the different external and internal factors affect our energy consumption.

With experience and professionalism, they have managed to coordinate with our staff to detect savings and improvement opportunities that will bring benefits to our company. 

Eugenia Sáez. Jefe de Operaciones de Ingeniería - Pfizer


But… how could you now if you need our services?

The words “energy efficiency” only sound to you like “investment” and “difficulty”.

Your company has very ambitious goals, and that also affects energy.

You are worried about the price of energy sources: electricity, gas, etc.

Yo need to show your energy improvement with real figures, but it is not easy.

If any of the above applies to you, we hve the solution you need.


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