Did you know you could save over 20% of the energy consumption in your company?

SMEs could achieve savings of over 4.450 million euro.

That is the same amount of energy needed to power a small city.

How? Through improvements in their energy efficiency.

Because energy efficiency is not a privilege. It is a tool you must make the most of.Reducing your kWh and costs in a simple and effective way is.

At GEN Europe we help you incorporate energy saving to your company’s day to day.

Making the most of what you have already got. Without large investments. Without magic formula or miracle tools.

We are GEN Europe, a team of engineers and architects who has been helping organisations all over the world save energy and reduce costs through energy management for over 20 years.

Our team is constantly on the move, learning from best international practices to bring them to your business.
Whatever your size, location or budget you have.

GEN Europe is here to help you and make your life easier.



What do our clients say about us?

Mario Cabezos. Environment and Risk Prevention -

Pese a nuestras reservas iniciales respecto a la ISO 500001, en Mutua Madrileña los resultados están siendo extraordinarios. Con GEN Europe, hemos conseguido ahorros energéticos muy notables sin necesidad de realizar inversiones importantes: a través de un adecuado control operacional y la correcta definición de los parámetros críticos de control. Además, GEN Europe nos ha ayudado a ser más eficientes como equipo, con un sistema eficaz sin procesos inservibles. Centrados en conseguir objetivos.

Mario Cabezos. Environment and Risk Prevention - Mutua Madrileña

Tras la auditoría energética con GEN Europe, conocemos mejor cómo los distintos factores externos e internos afectan a nuestro uso y consumo de energía. Con experiencia y profesionalidad, han sabido coordinarse con el personal de la planta para detectar las oportunidades de ahorro y mejora que traerán más beneficios a la nuestra empresa.

Eugenia Sáez. Engineering Operations Manager - Pfizer

But…how do you know which is the best solution for your company?

The words “energy efficiency” sound like “investment”.

Your company has ambitious goals, and that also affects energy.

The price of electricity, oil, renewables…Worry you and your company.

You need to prove your achievements with real numbers.

If your company relates to any of these situations, we have all you need to help you.


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We provide simple and effective solutions to add value and reduce your energy consumption, costs and environmental impact.


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